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About Us


Aloha and Welcome!

Our Mission is simple:

We seek to empower others to rise up out of the false beliefs  of

  • I'm afraid,
  • I can't,
  • I shouldn't, and
  • I won't

that keeps many in a limiting mindset of poverty, fear of failure & success, learned helplessness and homelessness, into an abundant life through self actualization, sustainable self help methods, personal empowerment, and community involvement.

This year that dream is on it's way to realization on 3 acres of raw agricultural land Susan purchased on the Big Island of Hawaii!                   

Susan Chesley, the Owner and Director of Breathing Aloha, LLC, carried this seed of hope for her own future while homeless 8 years ago. 

Years after a tumultuous divorce, financial, physical and emotional hardships, Susan had the devastating experience of homelessness in Washington State. It was through this life changing experience that the idea of anyone homeless, or at risk of homelessness, could learn life sustaining skills through an empowering self help program was born. Through help and encouragement of a heart centered counselor, family, friends and her spiritual community, she successfully rose out of homelessness and started life again encouraged and empowered with an unrelenting dream of sharing her life changing experiences with others. 

To prepare for this adventure, she practiced off grid living with a new found friend, Jessi Dyer, who exposed Susan to the outdoor life in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. After that experience they started WWOOFing at an Equestrian farm, gardening and preserving the bounty, living an Organic, Non GMO lifestyle and losing 250 lbs in the process!  While browsing online, she tripped over a funky sustainable living community on the Big Island of Hawaii that offered an Internship in creating and managing communities.

She Volunteered 24+ months while completing her hands on training in: 

  • Eco Hospitality Management/Customer Relations,
  • Personal and Professional Communications Development,
  • Team Building Exercises,
  • Feminine & Social Sustainable Entrepreneur Development
  • Small Scale Tropical Agriculture Management and Development,
  • Project Management & Team Selection,
  • Hospitality Web Development & Maintenance, and
  • Interpersonal Social Relations - aka tons, and tons, and tons of guests with varying personalities! 
  • Adding in her life experiences in the U.S.Navy, U.S. State Department, Sous Chef, and many other positions in life. She considers herself a true Jill of all Trades always ready to learn something new!

Susan earned her Life Coach Certification in 2015 and practices holistically as a Transition & Spiritual Wellness Coach. She also a new and developing Usui Reiki Ryoho  & Ascension Reiki Master/Teacher, and conducts healing and relaxation sessions for those who request help . Training and Certification as a Reiki Practitioner is also available on site and online very affordably. Master Teacher Training is also available with a 1 year Mentorship. Send an inquiry through our contact page for more info.

She's also researching and looking to practice varying sustainable building styles of natural homes, while solidly formulating projects and training programs for sustainable help living, and social & activist entrepreneur projects.

Society doesn't encourage us to be individuals or to live in a simpler and sustainable manner.  We're taught to conform, learn helplessness, don't think, don't question any system, work for someone else, stay in debt, consume, and consume some more, and whatever you do don't be self sufficient!  This hasn't worked out so well for our society, and it's time we set off in the pursuit of our own happiness together with a passion! 

Everyone has the right and ability to live a conscious and sustainable life, run an ethical business transparently, buy land privately, build a home, start or not start a family, grow their own food creating food security in an insecure market,  and more if given a viable learning opportunity and time and encouragement.

We welcome your help and life affirming energy to create opportunities for many who are relentlessly holding on to their own dreams, and if you're reading this, like you are!

If you're seriously interested in pioneering your own path in sustainable living, you'll need the

'Courage to face yourself honestly, be and own all that you are without apology, without excuses and without any masks to cover the truth of who you truly are to yourself and to the world.'


By stepping out of your comfort zone and into a new adventure, you'll find strength, courage, wisdom and skills you never knew you had!  It's self discovery that is the real journey, and it never stops amazing those who witness it.

We invite you to participate in our projects, programs, and workshops, which financially supports our homeless outreach services offering alternative pathways to home ownership through courses, coaching, community, and commitment. 

See you on the road to self discovery, self sufficiency, and happiness!


Susan Peters-Chesley
Director, Breathing Aloha, LLC
 | | Kurtistown, Hawaii